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created 10/03/2018 6:01 pm by Kalos_Champion_Diantha
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I wasn't very impressed with Realms for Java Edition,so I decided to look for a server instead. I'm not too worried about pricing,but I do want a good host that's stable 98-99 % of the time,and has excellent security. I also want to be able to update the server easily if any new versions of Minecraft come out. If you know any good hosts with excellent reputations,please list them in the comments below.
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10/03/2018 11:21 pm
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I checked these servers out: Server.pro, MCProHosting,CubedHost,and BeastNode. Which one of these is the best in security,ease of uploading maps,stability,good plug-ins and ease of being updated with each new Minecraft version?
10/03/2018 6:06 pm
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A friend of mine uses Server.pro. It's free to start (although you pretty much need to pay eventually for full features), has support for plugins, mods, and editing the filesystem, and in my experience has not been down once. It also updates easily from one version to the next.

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