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Looking for a growing SMP/Faction Server?

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created 12/11/2018 7:51 pm by galacticriptide

Do I have the server for you!

GRFactionCraft / College Faction Craft

[SMP] [PVP] [Semi-Vanilla] {Factions} {No Paid Perks} {New World} {Noob-Friendly} {3D Live Map} {99% Uptime}


Brand New Map! Many trees! Much ore! Be the first to defeat the Ender Dragon! The world is new and joining the server now will give you the advantage you need to set your faction up before the influx of players in the coming days!

Server IP:

3D Map IP:

GRFactionCraft is a faction survival server with a growing community. We moderate against cheating to provide the most genuine survival PVP/PVE experience to our players.

We pride ourselves on 99% uptime and a friendly and welcoming playerbase. We are growing as a server and advertising heavily, so while the player count may be low when you connect, expect many more players to join in the following days.

Please feel free to invite friends and family to come along! Factions servers work best when friends play and conquer together, and that is what we want to see here at GRFC!

Our map is brand new with abundant trees and ores galore! The world is unadulterated by ugly cobblestone towers, large holes in the landscape, etc. Moderators will "beauify" any griefed land to restore Minecraft's natural beauty!


No hacking / cheating / exploits

No hate speech (sexism / racism)

No griefing the landscape (raiding faction homes is another story)

Server Hardware:

i7 CPU

10GB Dedicated RAM

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