Looking For Builders - Overgrown Elven Village Jungle Cliffs Waterfalls!

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7/30/2019 11:06 pm
Artistic Builders and Landscapers Needed:

I'm looking for friendly, honest people who have experience with building elven style structures and/or know how to build custom terrain.
We will start by building the custom landscape, and then build the village into it :)

The Building Style:

The aim is to build a high-class elven town, nestled in the jungle cliffs and waterfalls, and overgrown with leaves and vines and trees! The elven theme, as I see it, means elegant, high class, petite, curvy, and decked out in detail. When I think "Elven", I think of Lord of the Rings, how in the elven city, all their buildings are tall and elegant, with very unique shapes and detailed architecture; there are hardly any straight lines/shapes, it's mostly curved lines and shapes, and even the materials they use are detailed/engraved. Definitely going for a high-class, elegant look and feel.

I Plan on us Building the Following Structures:

- outdoor circle meeting place for leaders and elders to make decisions
- Storage house
- Prison/dungeon
- small houses (2 or 3 different shapes, 1-2 levels)
- medium houses (2 or 3 different shapes, 2-3 levels)
- Workshop (wood carving/engraving?)
- Weapon/armor shop
- Training Arena (doubles as battle/entertainment arena)
- Stables
- Market (Magic/Alchemy shop, Clothing/Accessories Shop, Decorations Shop, Food shop, etc.)
- Citadel (meeting place for drinks and events)
- library
- temple
- school house
- Atrium/Greenhouse (indoor farm plots and trees)
- town gate with 2 guard towers
- town walls
- decorations (fountains, lamp-posts, paths, a well maybe, etc.)
- trees!

The Server:

We have a server made for us to use. (thank you so much CookieMugger!)

Send me your Discord tag if you want to join, and we will add you on and send you the server address! :)
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07/28/2019 3:09 pm
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Hello, I am the owner of a new Build Team called -
Gladiator Builds
We have recently started our Team we are looking for work. If you would like us to help you have your own official server mapKitPvP, Personal Hub, Towny Hub, Survival Hub, Creative Hub ETC.

We love to help others & supporting them with our builds we always offer our full confidence in our builds that will make your Server unique

Discord - TooBlock#4344
07/30/2019 11:06 pm
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Hi! I added you on discord :)
07/16/2019 8:44 am
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Hello there Tango Tek!

My server might interest you, a couple of builders already joined and they are keen to find ambitious and enthousiatic people like yourself!

I am into building myself and I definitely want to promote building (give away prices, building events, you name it :D).

My initial post here:


Planetmincraft server post:

Planet Minecraft


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