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Looking For Builders and Developers

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created 08/31/2016 9:12 pm by iaregwendalyn
Hello! I Am Gwen.

To Whomever reads my request for help, I am very thankful that you took time away to become interested in what I have to ask of YOU possibly.

Before I start, I would like to introduce myself and my fellow staff members as well as what the server is about!

TallTales and Storyverse are the names of our "worlds". The staff here are a humble and very sassy group of people. Our ages vary from 14-19ish. When I say we, I mean that our server has 5 owners. I swear that I am not crazy, we are all friends, and I am the one of the 5 that pays for our server.

We are not looking for a playerbase of 6-12 year olds. The cluster of us diverged from our prior path of playing on both a Harry Potter minecraftrp server, and a Medieval Rp server of which we are still involved in. You will mostly be working with me, I am female, and recently turned 18. Our last Dev did not work out because he was rude to major key factors of our staff and attempted to sabotage the server even in it's earliest stages. We are a very careful and cautious group. I hope you will fit in perfectly! Owner wise, there are 3 Females, and 2 Males. Just because I pay for the server, doesn't mean that I make all of the choices. We vote on them, unless there is no reason to.

More about the server, we hope that one day it will be a towny server with multiple areas signifying places like Bikini Bottom, Alice and Wonderland, and so many more mythological places that people will be able to live in. We have people of the LGBTQIA+ community on staff, and we don't intend to make that a reason of difficulty in your workings. Our launch expected date is October 21st, 2016.

Filling the positions in the tag of the post; we need a builder and a Dev. Prior to this point in time, I was working on things for the server, but I have a full time job and am about to start going to school as well. A builder position job would be paid per item built. All of our builds at the moment have a start and end date sign in front of them alone with the name of the building. If you were to be paid, I could pay you in any form including Paypal, cash in the mail, or whatever other payment you would like. Same thing for Dev. For developer we need someone that has past experience with Multiworld, Essentials, Signshop, and a few other plugins including Skript. Actually, what we need is more of a plugin manager. In the future we will need things coded, but right now we need help with what we already have. That also concerns helping me with whatever questions I have.. My requirement for your presence isn't always promptly, but I would prefer if you had a form of contact that I could ask questions late at night. I am in the EST time zone.

Please, If you have any questions, email me at [email protected] or Skype message me to apply at (gswoit). I cannot be bothered with Planet Minecraft's chat system.

Thank you so very much in advance. Have an amazing Night or Day!

Much Obliged,

Gwendalyn Starr
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