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Looking For Co-Owner

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created 08/23/2019 11:16 am by littleubchammer history
last reply 08/23/2019 9:15 pm
Hi my name is Damian C., I am looking for a dedicated person to run a brand new minecraft server, i will provide a 4.5gb minecraft server and you will be in full control, the reasoning why i want to pay for the server and not be the main owner is because i honestly don't have time to build a whole server, as the "Owner" you will be allowed to have people help you, choose what type of server it is (if i approve it), and pretty much anything. all i ask of you is to have a reasonable amount of progress every time i check in on you and major changes get approved by me. If interested please fill out the application below and post it in the comments.

First name:

Birth Month/Year:
How long You've Been Playing Minecraft:
Amount Of Hours A Week You Can Dedicate:
What Unique Skills Can You Bring To The Table:
Why Do You Want To Be A Co-Owner:

Thanks And hope To be Hearing from you in the early future,
Damian C.
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Level 15 : Journeyman Network

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4 replies

08/23/2019 9:15 pm
Level 15 : Journeyman Mountaineer
First name: Sam
Username: GrayPluto
Discord: graypluto#9159
Birth Month/Year: Feb 2002
How Long You've Been Playing Minecraft: 5 or 6 years I believe
Amount of Hours a Week You Can Dedicate: Maybe 5 or so per week for sure.
What Unique Skills Can You Bring To The Table: I learn really quickly. I've been staff on servers before and I've gotten pretty experienced with using different plugins. Naturally, Minecraft has changed since I last was staff but I really enjoy learning how plugins and stuff works. I'm a perfectionist, so you know nothing will be out of place, lol.
Why Do You Want To Be A Co-Owner: I remember I had a lot of fun being staff when I was younger! It's an enjoyable way to meet new people and learn new things.
08/23/2019 11:33 am
Level 1 : New Miner
First name: Ecto
Username: Ectocookie
Birth Month/Year: 2003
How long You've Been Playing Minecraft: For around 6 years now
Amount Of Hours A Week You Can Dedicate: A couple of hours, maybe around 2 or 3most days of the week
What Unique Skills Can You Bring To The Table: I pride myself in being a good builder as well as a budding redstone engineer so I'd love to show off my skills as well as embracing the skills of the members
Why Do You Want To Be A Co-Owner: I have never co-owned a server and I think that I could use my skills to boost the server and create a warm and welcoming environment for any players who decide to join

Thank you for reading!!!
08/23/2019 8:56 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Yo, if u r owner, I love working on servers. even littleubchammer u hmu too
08/23/2019 11:41 am
Level 15 : Journeyman Network
Do you have discord?

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