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Looking for Dev!

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created 04/01/2017 11:45 pm by Fezellerate
So my server are now looking for a new dev.
We are working everything through Filezilla and then notepad++ (thats where we have our plugins).

Need a dev how can code, fix issues, and pretty much doing what a dev is suppost to do.

Will you get paid?:
No not in the start.
We are trying to release the server as fast as possible. We are paying really big youtubers to help us kickstart the server. We also got alot of (around 1k subs) youtubers. We are expecting 300+ players at opening day! And donations will come quick.
You will get paid when donations come in.
The one who will be picked, should concidered lucky. Beacuse with all the help of youtubers and people this server will go big and fast.

Getting custom made server logo, server trailer (by pro), getting youtubers to play / upload trailer ect.

Innterested? Fill this out:

Experience / have you been dev:
How long:
Can you connect / make custom kits? and connect them to the store, so when they pay for it, they will get it?
Have any experience about creating shop / forums?

Please try to anserw honest, and as good as possible.
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