Looking for help on our growing MMO-style Minecraft server

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3dsgeek333 started 03/23/2018 9:13 pm
and replied 03/23/2018 9:18 pm
My younger cousin and I have been running a Youtube channel and a bunch of websites for years, even since we were about 10 years old. Eventually I jumped on board to help him out and expand his network to other things like Minecraft. We started a Minecraft server way back in early 2014, with my cousin hoping to release it someday to be sort of like an MMO for fans of the channel. The problem is, up until a year or two ago, neither of us had very much Minecraft experience at all, so it's sort of a mess and we need some help to polish it and hopefully get it out to the general public in the next year or so.

The server is styled to be like a simple, family-friendly MMO world called Geekland, with a small storyline and even a webseries around the various characters of Geekland. There are cities everywhere with all sorts of transportation methods such as airports, highways, subways, etc. We only recently got it on a public host service for plugins, so we last month we began making the actual story quests as well. As for who we're looking for... well, pretty much anyone with whatever skills you can bring to the table. Testing, moderating, building... anything goes as long as you're not a griefer!

It's currently closed to the public as I said so for now we just whipped up a little application system here:


Along with a Discord server for whoever joins the team:

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03/23/2018 9:18 pm
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If you fill out the application, we'll DM you the server IP either through here or discord, whichever you prefer. We're fixing the whitelist system this week so for now this is the only way to filter people.
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