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Looking for Members to my Minecraft Server

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created 08/16/2018 12:46 am by xflood
[p]Hi, I'm looking for members for my private server! It's a vanilla minecraft server, just looking for some people who wont grief or mess up the server. Just want some people I can trust and have fun playing with! I stream as well and will be streaming on this server so if you are a content creator as well feel free to stream/ make videos on the server! My discord is . Send a message in "interest-in-joining" and answer these questions ![/p]

[p]1. Age?[/p]
[p]2. when did you first start playing Minecraft?[/p]
[p]3. Why do you want to join this server?[/p]
[p]3. Do you make videos/stream? (Not Required for joining)[/p]
[p]4. What's your favorite thing about Minecraft?[/p]

[p]Answer those questions in the discord server and i will look through them all!! Good luck and Mine On![/p]
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