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NewBodacious started 04/03/2013 3:41 pm
and replied 06/26/2013 10:16 pm
Well i'm your guy!

Just recently, my last server has been taken down. I was Co-Owner on that server for a extensive period of time. Now that i'm out of a position, i'm looking for a new server where I could possibly join as a member of staff. The reason why I want to be staff on a completely new server is because i've become used to my job and it feels right to have the ability to stop unfairness and such on servers.

You should pick me as a staff member because i'm good at several things:

Promotion -
Building -
Just Treatment -
Situation Control -
Maturity -

With the promotion aspect, I am very good with GFX and actually promoting the server to reach its maximum capacity. On my last server, I made sure that the server was full as could be by recommending it to friends, smaller youtube channels, and in every day conversation with other Minecraft players. I also went out of my way to go on other websites to post our server.

Building, is something I don't have much proof on. Yet, if you do give me the chance I will show you my abilities.

By Just Treatment, I mean the way I treat every player on the server. This means no favorites, no hand outs, and etc. Giving handouts ruin the vibe of the game, they should only be implemented in drop parties. This means I will not abuse for any player, friend or not. Also this means I will not abuse any player, even if they are being disruptive. I handle people who disrespect me like so:

1. If they are insulting me or another staff member for no reason, a warning will be given.

2. If they continue, a mute will be given to the player ( Ranging to 5 - 30 minutes ).

3. If after the mute they continue, they will receive a mute and a hour jail.

4. If it still continues temp-ban for a day.

5. If the harassing continues I will take it up with the owner to talk about permanent or temporary ban.

Situation Control, something i'm excellent at. During my early days of owning a server, I learned how to deal with unruly players. Threat to DDos? I will immediately IP Ban the player, then quickly discuss my reasons to do such a thing with the owner. Hacker? I will jail them, and if they continue to hack, ban. Same as before, i'll discuss it with the owner. If the hacker has done any damage to the second party, I will give them back the lost items, to ensure member satisfaction. Argument? I will hear both sides and then think about which one seems more believable. Or use the plugins that allow more careful inspection of server records to learn more about the event.

Maturity. I am 14 years of age, and yes, I can be silly at times. Yet, this is only when it is appropriate to play. I will not troll players ( Unless they are 100% okay with it ) and I will not use any means of administrative powers to belittle people I do not like. I am very level-head, this allows me to see the consequences of every choice I make. This is before I make it.

Thank you for reading and please consider me to become your next staff member. My skype is SlimeyDrops if you wish to reach me. I am more comfortable with faction / pvp types of servers, but open to any type.
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04/03/2013 3:47 pm
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Would you like to join mine? It hasn't opened yet, and me and my buddies are still building. But I'd love it if you could come and help out on mine, and maybe make sure the players don't go out of control when my server opens. It's going to be Factions. PM me if your interested. :3
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