Looking for partners to start a server project with.

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Hi everyone.

I am looking for partners to start a server with. I have a few ideas on the possible gamemodes for the server, however, I am not able to do this on my own and require one or two people who are willing to help me along this journey.

About me

In terms of my backstory, I am 17 years old and have owned 2 servers in the past. One was a factions server of around 30 players and the other one was a UHC server that hit 250 players on the first release and 300 on the second release, but wasn't very successful after that. In addition, I have a lot of experience in moderating Minecraft servers ranging from 100 to 4000 playerbase servers.

- Must be at least 15 years old.
- Must have a monthly income source (exceptions can be made providing you have a large budget already.)
- Must be willing to dedicate time and effort into making this project successful
- Must be willing to provide funds for the project. It is recommended that you have at least $100 available as of right now and have a way of gathering more funds later on in the process. Nevertheless, exceptions can be made under certain circumstances.

- Must be willing to fully go through with this and not give up at the first obstacle. We will work through this together and make this successful one way or another.

As a partner, you receive a percentage equity of the server depending on how much you invest. If there are 3 total owners for this project (including myself) who invested equal amounts, each one of us will get 30% of the donations after all server expenses are paid for every month and 10% of the donations will remain for emergency situations.
If there are 2 total owners including myself, the donation percentage split will be 45% each and 10% will remain for emergency situations.


Discord: DashingTuber#0539

Skype: dashingtuber_16
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How will your community stand out from the rest? How much funding are you contributing towards the server?




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