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created 05/20/2013 10:16 pm by iltkamil
HI! I am the proud owner of a soon to be RPG server. I am looking for a plugin manager for some of the RPG plugins I am going to be useing. The only thing is I have had hard time managing them because I am busy with school, other plugins, and my server. I am looking for people who have skills in the following. I AM NOT PAYING ANYONE BUT YOU WILL GET A RANK ON MY SERVER!

- Citizens and Denizens: If you know how to make quests with these and make them do stuff along with make dialogues so players and NPC's can have conversations. Might not even use Denizens but if you do would be awesome!.

- AncientRPG: I dont need much help in this but i need someone to keep on top of it as in make new features and spells and such.

-Building: This isent a plugin but I need builders who know how to build noridic stuff and if anyone knows how to use worldpaint because were making a custom world with a whole bunch of citys and individual towns almost like skyrim and D&D mixed together.

So Please if you have any proficiencys in any of these please tell me and I will get you started Comment here to get my attention or send me a private message,
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