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Looking for Server staff aka Managers

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created 06/22/2018 12:02 am by FoxyCraft2182
last reply 06/22/2018 3:04 pm
Hiya Im Looking For Some Experienced Managers and Devs to help make this server come alive :D if you would like to join msg me on discord. xXFoxy10155Xx#1541
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06/22/2018 3:04 pm
Level 17 Journeyman Cake
Quicky summary.

  1. This user uses a Windows 7 machine with extremely outdated hardware. (Intel Xeon 5160) Which is over 10 years old. Scsi PATA harddisk etc.. This is slower than even today's slowest hard drive.

  2. 32-bit java,(until I updated it) Who knows why anyone would still use 32 bit in this time and age.

  3. and for whatever reason bought more memory than 8GB. Which sadly is a waste of money.

  4. Wants others to do his work because sir is too lazy. Yet complains when trying to help out when checking if his hardware will actually support what sir wants.

  5. Uses pex for "personal reasons". How in the hell are you connected to pex on a personal level?
    Can't say you just like it? Either way, it's outdated, and there are MUCH better options available.

  6. Expect responses like this

    "lol i can write myself just to lazy"

  7. If you are a free developer with below no expectations at all, this might be for you. But know this, there are free hosts that offer better performance without the kid ordering you around for free work.

I expect to be treated as a human, not garbage.

Good luck, hopefully, someone else can talk sense into you. I am not here to be bossed around over free work from a young kid.




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