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Looking for something specific and if it doesn't exist, I wanna make it

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created 05/27/2018 9:24 pm by RoloPupper
I am looking for a werewolf and vampire server that has plugins like chairs, towny/golden shovel+lockette, maybe a pets plugin, brewery, and is medieval themed

this can be a server that's already up and running or a server that is going to soon

Anyways I am looking to play on a server like that permanently

Do not suggest
.Vox Populi
.New Heaven


What if a server like this doesn't exist?

Would you like to help me make it?

I have everything planned out I just need a host, I can't afford to host on my own or buy one, my pc isn't meant for games, and I am poor, but I have everything planned out for the server if anyone would like to help? assuming there isn't a server exactly like this? with Stealing allowed (only in unclaimed areas!) and PVP and PVE, PVP only in the wild, not in claimed areas (preferably)
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