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created 05/26/2014 9:31 pm by CascadianX
last reply 06/11/2014 5:34 pm
Greetings viewers and guest of the great PlanetMinecraft!,

I make this post to ask you to join arms in helping to create a network of Minecraft Servers, soon to be some of the best servers in minecraft. I am reaching out to the best of the Minecraft Community, those who ambition and creativity is much powerful then the others.

As a team, with well thought out planning, we will be making one of the best networks of servers in the world. We have some really unique features that will be in the server, such as custom plugins coded by Developers, connective website that allows you to view the world, the chat, manage your banking, check your inventory, post auctions, from an online website. The possibilities are endless and that is why we want to make the best possibilities, the best. We will be having Custom biomes, constantly updating role playing dungeons, a full open-world with questing! Random Boss spawning, Flying bat-witches? and the most amazing structures that give an ability to the laggiest of players, a smooth game play.

We will offer the best services in minecraft, with the ability of team work, we can create what Minecraft has never seen. We plan to have our factions server released sometime this early summer, and we will begging to start running the Role playing server, Hub World, Minigames and much more.

We are looking for the most skilled, most dedicated individuals who are looking to work as a team to create the endless possibilities of awesomeness that we have in store. All of the positions we have open will be filled quickly, so do your best and fill out an application. We have a perfect record keeping / Ticket system to give us the best online abilities for server management and player-time management. We want to give the best minecraft experience in the world.

Listed below is the open staff positions we are looking to fill. We have many types of branches in the servers staff ranking systems. We have Tier's which hold the highest ranking from 1 to the lowest of numbers.

Tier 1 [Developers]
- Owner / CoOwner [ Taken ]
- Plugin Configure's [ Need 4+ ]
- Plugin Developer [ Need 3+ ]
- Website Developer [ Need 3+ ]
- Data Administrator [ Need 1+ ]

Tier 2 [ Administration]
- Staff Administrations [Need 2]
- Head of Administrator's [Need 1]
- Administrator [Need 3]
- Website Administrators [Need 3]

Tier 3 [Moderation]
- Moderator [Need 6+]
- Website Moderator [Need 5+]
- Projects Moderator [Need 2]

Tier 4 [ Coordinators ]
- Media Coordinator [Need 2]
- Project Coordinator [Need 5]
- Youtube Coordinator [Need 2+]

Tier 5 [Constructor's]
- Builder [Need 25+]
- Lorekeeper [Need 5+]

In order to apply for one of the positions listed above you need to fill out the General Application and post it below on this post.

General Application [Format] - Click Spolier!
Click to reveal

Contact the Current Owner and CoOwner
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Level 42 : Master Architect

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05/30/2014 7:50 pm
Level 4 : Apprentice Miner
InGame Name: Calebizzthaman
Position Applying for: Developer
Age (Required): 15
Country / Time Zone: Central America

Why do you consider yourself for this positions: I'm great at coding and configuring.

Experience?:I've worked on many servers before.

Examples and/or Images (may be asked for). I've made a few plugins!

Contact Method?: (Skype, Email?) Skype: namethathasbeentaken
Other info: I can design great maps with worldpainter!
05/31/2014 6:48 am
Level 1 : New Miner
I'm afraid this app isn't detailed enough, denied for now.

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