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Looking for staff

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created 03/04/2014 2:39 pm by LittleB0Y
last reply 03/05/2014 9:18 am

Hey, my name is Artur and I'm working on a brand new faction server.

ATM i am the only staff member, and I'm looking for mature people to help me out with this project. The server it self is almost ready. The only thing i need is some staff members and good builders.

The name of the server is Minecraft-Adventure. We do have a website but its still very much WIP. We plan on making a little VIP system with not over powering perks.

I plan on making my own little community with mature players, there for i will need lots of moderators, and most important, MATURE moderators.

Server ip:

Staff positions I'm looking for:
Administrator (Full)Age14+
Moderator (x2)Age14+
Builders (As many as possible (as long as you're mature!))Any age
Daily Players (AKA our little community )

If you’re interested in apply for one of these positions please fill out the form bellow, and I will get to you as soon as possible.
*Server will only be white-listed for builders for now!*

Minecraft IGN:

Rank you're interested in:

Why do you want this job?:

Do you have any credentials (references)?

Skype Name: *IMPORTANT* ~no mic required

Your Age: *Be honest*

Builds Examples(Screen shots):*Builders only*
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03/04/2014 5:21 pm
Level 3 Apprentice Crafter
Minecraft IGN: ryanlikeschips1

Rank you're interested in: admin

Why do you want this job?: my server just shut down due to lack of funds and i find being staff on a server is enjoyable

Do you have any credentials (references)? no

Skype Name: *IMPORTANT* ~no mic required ryan.boycott (i do have a mic)

Your Age: *Be honest* 15 since i was born in december

Builds Examples(Screen shots):*Builders only*
03/04/2014 9:58 pm
Level 1 New Miner
Denied-Admin position already full.




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