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Looking for youtubers

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created 02/17/2019 8:17 am by Oskis
Hello there!
My name is Oskis and I am coming from a server named MCBall (Website: We are a server who is looking for youtubers to help advertise the server in order to help it grow. MCBall is a custom coded paintball server who has been around since late 2012 all the way until now, sadly we don't have enough players to keep the server busy that often. Rather said, we are short on players. We are therefor asking if anyone would like to do a few videos on our server in order to help grow interest in our server and revive it again. We will of course offer you compensation, such as in-game items, ranks and perhaps a little bit of payment in cash.

What kind of youtubers are we looking for?
- You need to have 100+ subscribers on your Youtube channel
- Have an average of 50+ views per video
- Have minecraft content and friendly content (most audience watching is younger kids, set a good example)
- Be able to upload at least once a week or upload a few videos of the server.

If you fit these criterias, feel free to contact me!

If you would like to test out the server the IP is: There is not usually any players on until 18:00 USA time (6pm), but you could always hop on and try out the server. In order to connect to our community better I advice you to join the discord as well!

Discord link:

Comment below if you are interested!

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