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Looking for youtubers for my server

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created 04/29/2018 8:52 pm by Planet57
I am looking for youtubers for my server, we don't have too big of a player base so its hard for new people to find the server. I was wondering if anyone wanted to maybe make some videos on it or something like that. I also have a yt rank 250 subs = YT rank 600+ subs + YT+ rank. You also have to make videos on the server fairly often to keep your rank and also have to have minecraft related content with a decent amount of views on the videos. Now about the server! We are a small factions server with lots of stuff to do. We have respectful and mature staff and all the builds are custom made (not downloaded). It is op factions so there is lots of stuff to do and you will never get bored. We have custom enchants, PvP arenas, supplydrops, crates, quests, Bosses that randomly spawn in the wild, and more. I am currently working on fixing voting because it wasn't working so thats not done yet. (if you want to join add me on discord: Planet55#6071 or leave a comment) IP:
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