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Me and a couple of friends have been wanting to start a Minecraft Faction PvP server for a while now. The problem is we are unable to obtain a host of our own, we currently cannot get the money for it, so with this topic we hope to find someone who is starting a server and is in need of help (staff, building, plug-in help etc.). We are fun people who can be serious when it is time to be . You can expect good things from us and a good partnership when it comes to the server. So if you are interested in involving us with your Minecraft server please feel free to reply to this post so that i can work an agreement out with you via private message. Thank you.
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03/20/2014 5:04 pm
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If you have a serious plan for the server and have your stuff well thought out, I can do this. There are some conditions ofcourse.

Add me on skype to discuss further.
Skype: rubsn1007




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