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~Lost Cities~ Mapgen Modded Server [Semi-Vanilla]

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created 04/29/2018 5:58 pm by seisatsu
I am running an experimental server using the Lost Cities map generator mod.

Abandoned cityscape is automatically generated in all directions, with a map boundary radius of 10km (due to RAM constraints.) Scattered randomly throughout the buildings are loot chests and mob spawners. The landscape contains highways, subways, and railways, also generated automatically.

The server is running SpongeForge API with the Nucleus command set.

  • Automatically generated abandoned cities with highways, subways, and railways, in all directions, forever.
  • Many different kinds of buildings, with diverse exterior and interior designs.
  • Loot crates and mob spawners spread throughout the buildings.
  • Fall damage is disabled. (This world is laughably hostile already.)
  • Players may set up to three home warps. See "/home help" in-game.
  • A starter kit with stone tools and leather armor may be claimed once per day with "/kit starter".
  • Rules: Don't be a dick. Have fun... OR ELSE.

If there is enough interest, more features may be added.
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