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LoW Community Seeking Members

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created 03/31/2018 3:06 am by onelungx
last reply 04/10/2018 11:11 am
~LoW Community~
The Lung of War Community was started by me so that friends could get together and discuss any topic that they choose without worry, and new friendships could be established. We say 18+ but that is just a warning i guess you could say, people under that age are welcome but warned that there may be adult language and content discussed freely. we are as strict as we are laid back as well. i am 30 but still love to goof off and have a good time but there is a time and place for everything. No trolling, earraping, advertising, attacking others, or obvious things will be tolerated what so ever I try to ensure that my Community Members can enjoy them selves as much as possible without being bothered. The Discord is Mainly focused around our 2 Minecraft Servers, but again any game and any topic is allowed for discussion. also if needed new Voice channels can be added to accommodate people in other games and what not. We just hit the 100 member mark not too long ago so a decent player base so far! We have a Towny Server as well as an Anarchy Server we host. we are constantly trying to improve them as well for our players to have the best experience possible! suggestions welcomed! I certainly hope you will check us out and see if you'll be a part of our community to help us continue to build and grow into something more. I highly recommend you log into the Discord if playing on our Servers 8 )
Discord Invite:

~LoW Realms~Towny
We are primarily a PvP Towny Server, but have added many plugins to
enhance game-play such as.....
Bounty Hunters, Head Hunting, Duels, MCMMO, Jobs, Marriage, playtime rewards, Towny Flight, PlayerShops
Hack Clients Are Not Tolerated In This Server

~LoW Anarchy~Anarchy
This one we are trying to keep as close to Vanilla as possible! very few plugins in comparison to the
Towny server! Hack Clients are allowed! and pretty much anything goes! its anarchy
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04/10/2018 11:11 am
Level 40 : Master Professor
cool server!

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