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LoW's New Beginning

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created 03/21/2018 10:11 am by onelungx
last reply 03/21/2018 10:35 am
Here recently the LoW Community and Server had something horrible happen, that am still in disbelief and trying to make myself accept it and move on! even almost 3 weeks later! Myself and co owner were also taught a lesson as well. We had our developer after 3 montihs of building get upset with us and decided to wipe the FTP Files clean!, once we realized what happened we quickly went to start gathering up any and all backup files we had and started to piece it together. Well we had done a bad job at keeping backups and the most recent one we had was over a month old. and come to find out some how contained a lot of corrupt data and was mostly unusable. so after talking with our community and staff we all decided to restart completely back to square one... this is very upsetting yes but we are making the best of it. we unfortunately lost a few members due to the attack and restart but majority stuck around to help with the rebuild! but we need more people to come join us! this is a great time for new players since we are all about even atm. so please we need people that would like to help the community grow and improve! please
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