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Lumeni's Private Server | 1.13.1 Small Community Survival | (Looking for new players!)

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created 12/04/2018 12:12 am by Folz
last reply 12/06/2018 8:31 pm

Welcome to Lumeni!

Lumeni was at first group that was founded over a year ago. Over the year we have grown closer and have become very good friends with one another. We used to play on a server called AnarchyMC, however, we changed servers constantly trying to find a place to permanently play on. We could never find a server to play on for over 2 months. Since we could never find a server we decided to create our own.

The players that are on the server are very hardworking and dedicated.
However, sometimes problems come up IRL.
We understand this but, you should let the community know when you will not be available.
Our server consists of a few plugins that all of us agreed on and enjoyed on the servers we have played on.
These include tpa, home, spawn, /back, mob heads, dynmap, nickname, msg, alcohol, and warp.
Our community is very tight-knit and we hold many social events throughout the year to come closer.
We have a holiday plot in our town and we always build structures and nave events in the plot Such as Halloween, Christmas, Birthdays, etc
We have heavy discord integration with our server. Many votes, screenshots, and voice calls happen within the discord. Basically, this means discord is a requirement.

There are a few requirements for you.
You must meet these requirements in order to apply:
  • You must have good communication and social skills
  • You must be humble, polite, and helpful
  • You must be able to tolerate controversial humor
  • You must be decently active
  • You must participate in social events on the server
  • You must be able to tolerate small pranks
  • You must have a decent microphone
  • You must have a discord account and be active within our discord
What Lumeni has to offer you.
There are a few things that we as a community can offer you as a player and person:
  • A potential friendship beyond the community
  • Very experienced players
  • Many vivaciously hard working players
  • A fun and caring community
  • Players who can expand your perception of cultures around the world
  • A space to express yourself and get judicious judgment here

The written application must be composed of these questions:

Minecraft IGN:

#2 What is your discord username:

#3 Age:

#4 Where are you from?

#5 What is your timezone?

#6 Have been apart of any communities? If so, what communities and why you are not in them anymore.

#7 What servers have you previously played on?

#8 What is your Minecraft experience? (Please send any pictures or videos available)

#9 What are your ingame ethics?

#10 What do you plan to do on the server?

#11 What ingame skills do you have?

You must email this application to [email protected]
It will be reviewed and you will receive a response within three days.
The voice application will be unique to you and will ask you various questions about yourself.

If this server interests you I would be delighted for you to get in contact with me!
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Level 12 : Journeyman Cowboy

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12/06/2018 8:31 pm
Level 12 Journeyman Cowboy

Changes on the Lumeni Private Server:

In my opinion, a successful Minecraft server has two things: an active community and constantly evolving server. Currently, has both successful qualities! This update is very significant because of a vote that has recently taken place. The majority voted to add another aspect to our server! This decision consisted of "groups or pairs" heading out from our main town Archia to other parts of the world to expand. Building in one style in a specific area gets quite tiresome after awhile. Players can now change their building styles depending on where they are building around the world. It gives players other projects than just Archia. Overall, this is a decision that will increase interest in the server because of the multi-layer enjoyment of our server!

We hope to see some more interest in the server because of the ever-evolving community,

- Folz




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