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Lysera - Recruiting Event Team

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created 10/02/2017 8:08 pm by Lilliaal
last reply 10/12/2017 10:35 pm
Hello, my name is Lill. I own and operate a small roleplay server called Lysera with a bunch of cool people. We've been working very hard over the last two years to craft an expansive lore for our world, and have recently launched a Beta; open to the public, but not advertised. We're still polishing up some of the details, but I could use some help.

About Us
We are a hardcore roleplaying server, which is to say that all of the focus is on writing. There is no winning or losing, only story and character.

The world of Lysera is somewhat renaissance and all fantasy. Though some inspiration has been drawn from the real world, each culture and nation is its own. The continent is mapped and fleshed out, however all roleplay takes place within the citystate of Tyrus until player density allows us to expand. There is more information on the website, especially under the new player guide.

About Event Team
Lore team is still in charge of the direction of the story and the large scale events. Event team is the players who helps act out these events. There is a lot of freedom, as ET's opinion is always valued for lore, and can always host their own small scale events. Here we call NPC's wardens, and they can be used as anything from a bandit to a rich merchant. As long as and event enhances a player's experience and fits within the lore, it is fair game.

Being that we are still in Beta, I feel it is important to have characters with roots in the city. This means you have more freedom with character creation, and can start with almost anything reasonable. There is some give and take, however, as all highly paid professions have some responsibility to maintain, and are always under higher scrutiny than normal players. Whatever you would like your character to be, I'm sure we can work something out.

So, interested?
Just shoot me a message on the website, or ideally my discord @Lilliaal#6306
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Level 9 : Apprentice Cake

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10/12/2017 10:35 pm
Level 9 Apprentice Cake
10/02/2017 8:21 pm
Level 9 Apprentice Artist
I'm also a fellow team member and lore writer for the server! We're always looking to add more folks and grow our community!




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