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created 02/12/2014 11:48 am by BestBuds1911
last reply 02/12/2014 2:31 pm
I am starting to make adventure maps for servers. I involve custom terrain and command blocks, you would need 2 plugins for sure, WorldEdit and Multiverse or some other sort of world adding. When I finish the map I would like to be able to have the world file.

First off, this is got a reason, everyone has got a dream and they want to follow it, please don't be cocky about this, if you don't like my stats don't accept me. Second, I would love to build for any type of server, I DO, do TERRAFORMING projects so your gladly welcome to check out my profile for my first one if you want me to do some terraforming for your server! Second, I am starting to get interested on making adventure maps with command blocks and such, if you have multiverse plugin I would be glad to map a bunch of adventure maps for the server with custom terrain and custom trees! Third, please check out this thread I found interesting before making any decisions: ... community/

Fourth and finally, my application to join your server.

IGN: Friendly123

Realname: Benedict Patrick Steffens

Skype: please.me15

Timezone: US Central

How many years playing minecraft?: Ever Since Alpha

Age: 12 (I know I am 12 it doesn't change anything)

Recent Ban Records: I have only gotten banned maybe once for playing this joke on this player...

Honesty: I will always tell the truth if in the most drastic measures.

Name your punishment for the following -

Duplicating items: Immediate Ban

Spamming: 3 Warnings then kick, if it continues it will become a Mute

Advertising: 1 Warning then kick, if it continues it will become a Mute

Bullying: Immediate Kick

Fly Hacking: Immediate Ban

My Skills Out Of 10 Are:

Buycraft Skills: 6/10

Permission skills: 9/10 (Good with GroupManager, I haven't taught myself how to use Permissions Ex...yet)

Plugin skills: 7/10

Redstone skills: 9/10

Minecraft skills: 10/10

Building skills: 10/10

Smart skills: 10/10 (All A+'s In School)

Coding skills: 4/10 (Haven't done much work with coding recently.)

Grammar: I believe that my grammar is pretty well complete, I know I have a few flaws I need to work on though.

Familiar With MultiCraft: Yes, it is a server hosting service. In fact I know how to maneuver on the website as well. On the second server I Co-Owned they used this host, and the owner wasn't good with it so I had to set most of the stuff up on it.

Website Setup: Yes I can set up a website, but you will have to tell me what website to use to set it up. (Examples: Enjin, Webs, Google Sites...etc)

Being Serious: I am always serious but sometimes I like to joke.

Being Reliable: You could rely on me for anything.

Being Responsible: I am very responsible

Do you ever cuss or swear? Yeah I cuss, not a ton but I do when I get frustrated.

Maturity Level: 9.5/10

Have built: I have built a Parkour map with over 10 stages, a resort, a ship, many cities, many small homes, and many large mansions.

Previous positions: I have been Owner on 3 servers, Co-Owner 2, Head Admin On 4 servers, Admin on 3, Mod on 5, And Builder on 9

Previous Experience On Plugins: Factions, WorldEdit, MobArena, MobCatcher, FloAuction, McMMo, Vault...I have experience with a lot more as well just ask I you will receive a "yes" or a "no".

How much time will you be on the server?: Week days I should have about 4 hours On (Because of school) and weekends I should be able to play all day or most of the day.

If I became staff how would I handle it?: The way I would handle staff is just help players out do my job and advertise as much as I can, I wouldn't ever abuse my powers unless told to.

Staff Story:

Okay, when I first wanted to become staff and watch over the "universe" was when I was playing a minecraft classic server (I did not buy minecraft then) and there was this admin that always seemed to stalk me and I never knew why, I didn't even know he was a admin because he never said anything. I asked him why he always followed me and he said, "because that is my job, I watch over the server and ban the hackers." That seemed to interest my intention of becoming a staff member by a big one. It made me think of....well....that doesn't matter. Anyways that one staff member is now a "retired rank" on that server, (he doesn't play minecraft anymore). If I ever stopped playing minecraft I would wish to be remembered by some way, any way would be nice, maybe by my trusting, responsibility, loyalty to my players, honesty anything that would make me be a remember minecraft player.

This is how I am going to say my "story" (yes IGN and age are repeated)

Hey, my in game name is Friendly123, I'm 12, I have Skype but I have no mic (my Skype is please.me15). When I go to school each day I am always interested in math, writing, and drawing. The reason I want to join your server...well...this is it: I would love to build for any server, I am very skilled at it and I know a lot about architecture and building in such matter. If I could join your server I would happily build spawn for you. I would build a mall, a "Enchants of The World" (an enchanting place). I would make the actual spawn.

Here is my story on how I became a builder:

I first got into building about two years ago when I was playing classic on this one server (I'm not stating what server) everyone would say, "You suck at building..." So many times until a very kind admin gave me the lead away on how I could become a better builder, and of course his advice helped me build so much better. He told me, "Just let your imagination go wild," and when he said that he offered me to look at one of his builds, (loved it) so when I started to place blocks and break blocks I could only place about 2 blocks every 3 - 4 seconds and break about 2 blocks every 3 seconds. It took me awhile until that advise kicked in, but it finally did! I can't believe how well I can do today! When I place blocks now I can place 5 blocks in 2 seconds and break 5 blocks in 2 seconds (in creative). The biggest thing I have every built is a small town that includes, over 40 houses, 2 markets, 3 gas stations, a theater, 3 farms, a ranch, 7 boats on a lake, a ship, and a car dealer shop. Now that I have higher knowledge in building I can build very well. All in all I know almost anything about looks and design when it comes to building.

Please consider,

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Level 33 : Artisan Architect

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4 replies

02/12/2014 2:31 pm
Level 33 : Artisan Architect
k I will talk more about it on skype
02/12/2014 1:10 pm
Level 19 : Journeyman Crafter
Your not invisible, add me. On skype Honor.Buddha we might have a spot open for you.
02/12/2014 12:34 pm
Level 33 : Artisan Architect
Please someone D=
02/12/2014 12:13 pm
Level 33 : Artisan Architect
Am I invisible to everyone?

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