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created 09/01/2016 12:36 pm by PMC_55678445
Greetings everyone!


I am the proud Owner of Noctus Semi-Vanilla, and we are looking for a developer/plugin manager to make our server run smooth and can set up any plugin easily. We have been open for 2 months now started with a single spigot server and I added some plugins in and configured them myself. We grew a lot and we have a total of 400$ in donations atm. We decided to add more into the server so we expanded with a mini-game server so we had to bungee. I have done most of the job but it took me a while since bungee is something new for me and I am not experienced at all.

We are looking to expand our server even more with a creative server. We have set up a creative world on the same server as the semi-vanilla but it will be moved to a seperate server.

A bit about us:

Creative plots

Mini-games – Paintball, Survival Games, Skywars and more.

Pvp/pve Wild

Chat Filter

Chest Shops

Build Contests

Anti Cheat



What we expect from you:


Experience with bungeecord

Being able to make simple/advanced plugins

Able to configure almost everything.

Having a good sense of humor.

Able to work on the server with complicated stuffs. (Permissions and plugin setups)


What you will get:

A fun server to play on and an amazing community

Your own personal dev server to test plugins

The rank Head-Dev

- A full team of amazing staff to pass ideas and develop with.

- No time limits on plugin development.

- Payment if you do good and the server will keep growing as it does right now.


Please contact me on [email protected] or skype rasmusjensen34.

Best regards

Owner of Noctus - IP:
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