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MC-Cubed | Builder Recruitment

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created 11/07/2017 10:21 am by MC-Cubed
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Introduction​MC-Cubed is a new network that is in development for a major release in these next coming months. We have many features to provide the most enjoyable game play to our players and we will be updating daily to keep our players intrigued.

What are we looking for?​We are looking for builders with basic knowledge of WorldEdit and VoxelSniper as well as people that don't just let everyone else do the work. We would prefer to have builders that can build with a medieval theme and this is because our entire map is medieval based.

  • Provide a portfolio of previous work
  • Discord and Teamspeak
  • Basic knowledge of WorldEdit
Process​Once you submit an application, it will be saved onto a spreadsheet that the owners and lead builder can access. After we have filtered through the applications and you have been accepted, you will be interviewed via Discord or Teamspeak. If you pass your interview then we will do a small build test and the lead builder will take you through the test. Once you have passed your test, you will be given the Mini Builder rank and you can be promoted throughout the work you do on the server.

Why should you apply?​We previously owned a server called Colossal Network that had a beta run for approximately a month. During the beta, we gained over 600 unique players on the network. Due to some complications with one of the owners, we were forced to shutdown the network. Why are we mentioning this? We want to let people know that their work will not be wasted - it will be seen by many players that will play on the network. We have the experience of owning a network and we need your help to get this new project out there.

Want to Apply?
You can apply here:
Feel free to join our discord!

Our Main Gamemodes planned for the network!
Our first gamemode is a zombie apocalypse survival game inspired by DayZ and H1Z1 Survival. The main objective is to survive the horde of zombies and anything that comes in your way such as players and the environment. You will start in the southern part of the map and as you adventure to the northern part of the map, you will find much better tiered loot to help you along the way. You can team up with players to survive the horde of zombies or you can become a sole survivor and kill other players in the area for your own survival. We have boss mobs on the server such as the giant with its ability to stomp players away and to kick them in the air, killing boss mobs will grant you with great loot to help you with your survival.

Our second gamemode is a twist on our first gamemode and this is survival games mixed with DayZ that is inspired by H1Z1 King of the kill. The main objective is to find different towns and loot chests using the same mechanics as our first mode. We have custom items such as grapples, grenades, sugar and more. You need to kill all 23 people to be the last one standing and then you win. The giant will only spawn once per game and it drops the best loot for this mode to give you a high chance of survival. Unlike our first mode, all of the chests are the same tier so everyone has an equal chance of winning however if you find a larger town then you will have more chests to loot.

Our third gamemode is a PvP practice server for both our first and second gamemode. Everyone will spawn with the the normal PvP loadout and you can practice at different towns and located that are located across the network. This mode has daily events such as staff hosted events or automated KoTHS that will start up once we reach a certain amount of players.

Our fourth gamemode is a team based game that is 4 team with the main goal is to take down each others core to eliminate the enemy teams. Gather resources around the map, defend your base, brew, unlock classes, pvp, defend, eliminate.
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Still looking for more builders!




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