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MC-Kingdoms 1.13 Survival

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created 01/18/2019 7:23 pm by pvp-MC-Kingdoms
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MC-Kingdoms 1.13.2 Survival


MC-Kingdoms is a survival running on the server version 1.13.2. We cater to any type of player; whether it be builders, PvPers, explorers, or even just any casual player.

Players possessions and areas are easily protected by claiming them. Claimed areas cannot be griefed or removed by other players.

There are also 3 different rank paths, each which comes with different perks and abilities, such as extra hearts, more homes, or even a mix of the different perks. There are 4 different ranks for players to obtain just by playing!

The MC-Kingdoms economy is completely run by the player's items. This means players dictate what they want to and will pay for the items they need. Furthermore, players can trade diamonds for money that can be spent on heads and other miscellaneous items!

Players can obtain unique items via crates. Every monster on the server has a chance of dropping a key that can be used at the specific crates. New items are released every month or so.

We hope to see you on!
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