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MCI {Looking for staff} [Possibly PAID!]

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created 03/28/2015 7:52 am by DaLemonKingMC
Arggggg Mates! Welcome to the brand new Minecraft server called Minecraft Industry! We are a server that is just getting started building and we need builders to help with the hub and different game modes. We also need staff for after we get set up. We need someone who can create and manage a nice webpage. We also need people to advertise and make videos. And of course we need REGULAR PLAYERS!
Here is what we have to offer as of March 28, 2015:
Game Modes:
Survival (ACTIVE) (This is our only branch we have at the moment)
Prison (Coming Soon)
Factions (Coming Soon)
Creative (In Building)

Donator Kits: (These kits are universal and we are working to make them available for purchase on our websites)
Level 1: Recruit
Level 2: Elite
Level 3: Veteran
Level 4: Specialist

Our server is pirate themed but also tech-themed. We need awesome builders, gfx artists, developers, and more mature people to make this happen. But don't think you will get a staff position easily. If you do not play and interact with others on the server daily, we will not accept you.

Our Website:

Server IP:

To apply, Hop On The Server!

Any Questions? Comment below!
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