[1.3.2] Mcraftia Bukkit Survial [HungerGames] [Mobarena]

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Hello everybody

This is a post about a server I am a mod on

IP = main-mcraftia.com


1. No use of CAPITAL letters in global chat
2. Be respectful
3. Use common sense
4. No griefing
5. No spamming
6. No advertising
7. No stealing
8. No spamming
9. No hacking

Just some of our fantastic plugins!

Auction system
Land claiming
and many many more

We also often host a selection of mini games including spleef, mobarena and Hunger games on our own hunger games map

Donater Benifits

You can go to our website - mcraftia.com and you can support us by donating, to show out appreciation we offer perks for donating, Here is a list of ranks and perks -


/Feed - restores hunger bars.
/Butcher - kills all hostile mobs
/Repair - repair all your items
/d creeper, skeleton, wolf - Transform into a creeper, skeleton or wolf!
/God - invincible
All hero perks
Gold name

Price: $ 165


/Fly - Creative mode like fly
/Setwarp - Sets a warp at your currenty position
/Chest - Opens a double virtual chest
/d zombie, mooshroom - Transform into a zombie or mooshroom!
All elite perks
30.000 Free claim blocks(main server)
Yellow name

Price: $ 75


/Nopvp - Cannot receive or deal player vs. player damage
/Tpahere -Requests someone to teleport to you
/Kit Diamond - Full diamond set and tools
/d sheep, pig - Transform into a sheep or pig
Able to use sponges,lava and TNT
All premium perks
Set 8 homes
Blue name

Price: $ 35


/Back - Teleports you the to place where you died.
/Jump - Teleports you to high
/Clearinventory - Removes all items from your inventory
All VIP perks
Set 4 homes
Purple name

Price: $ 20


/Compass - Shows your current bearings
/Workbench - Opens a virtual workbench
/d cow - Transform into a cow
All default perks
/Kit Wood - Give 64 of all logs
Set 2 homes
Chest and door protection http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=juVYk4TWpEk
Green name

Price: $ 10

We have a lot of very friendly staff and we are always very happy to meet and help new people so we would really appreciate it if you could come check us out Thanks
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