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Minecraft 4 Nerds [PVE] {All Ages}{Economy}{Skyblock}{Mobarena}{MCMMO}

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created 04/08/2018 1:50 pm by hodge-2
Minecraft 4 Nerds Server Logo

Minecraft 4 Nerds is a network that accommodates a community of different play styles, whether you think you got what it takes to survive the wilderness or test your crafting skills in creative mode with our relaxed permissions allowing for minimal restrictions to fully unleash crafters of all age’s imagination in the world of Minecraft.

With custom ranks (purchased with in-game money) earned simply by playing the game will enhance the player’s gameplay with better perks and plugins, a friendly team of staff dedicated to assisting players if anything goes wrong and to oversee the smooth running of the server.
We have a wide range of plugins Custom Enchantments, Artmap, Wurm Barbecue and much more.

Types of mini-games:
Paintball (Capture the Flag, Rush the Flag, Destroy the Core & Free For All)
All mini-games have multiple different arenas with different styles

We have also recently implemented Skyblock on the server.


    • Do NOT grief, use X-ray or steal other members property, this will lead to an instant ban and will NOT be tolerated under any circumstances!

    • Respect other members creations and properties; do not walk over crops (this includes stealing); close doors on entry and if you see a door or gate open close it.

    • When playing survival, please, cut down the whole tree and remember to replant.

    • No large holes in the ground, if you knock a sign down remember to put it back up.

    • Profanity is not strictly forbidden, but that does not mean you can use poor language in every sentence All players should be respected regardless of their rank.

    • Do not build near the spawn; do not mine around the spawn location and make sure there is a good amount of distance between you and the spawn.

    • Automatic Redstone circuits are banned, only small things like doors are permitted.

    • Admins or Moderators are expected to show only the highest possible level of maturity, but between general players (Members) we allow a more relaxed atmosphere.

Our website link:
Our Server IP:
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