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Nullow started 7/22/21 11:00 am
Some of our features but arent limited to consist of:

*Essential Commands (Tpa/Home Ect..)

*A variety of tier-based quests, with 8 categories

*There are 10 ranks that require specific McMMO Levels, Time Requirements, Item and Money requirements. Each rank progressively gives you access to


*Your standards jobs have been balanced carefully, the economy is also balanced

*Tutorial Section - For new beginners

*Custom Made Playershopping district and arena at spawn, our spawn further consists of everything on floating islands.

*Playershops - We use advancedregionmarket to allow players to rent regions in our shopping district.

*This is just some of the multitude of content present on the server.


Overall & Server Information:
I would highly appreciate all to come and join our server, due to the size of the development team (only being me) the server is still in current development however is still very operational with alot of key content already fully working. Thank you for your time, if you wish to join the following information is present below:

Website (Just created very rudimentary ) - minecraftfreedom.com

Please contact me on Discord if interested!: Nullow#4325
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