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Minecraft recording server [Despertately needs members!]

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created 04/27/2012 5:47 pm by The Doctor BW
Hey all, this is FireLeopardGoesBOOM, and I'm opening up a roleplay on my server. I desperately players because there gonna be a massive recording session on sunday. Pretty much the point is that we are making a RolePlay Youtube series a little like Shadow of Israphel only we are inviting the public on. So please come and feel free to record provided you use the Title of the video provided. To upload the videos need to be called 'Minecraft: The Fall of Incubus' and you must leave the server IP in the descripx as well as the link to my channel. The server is the most recently posted thing on my profile. Be there or Be square! Well... Steve is already square, so just be there... I guess.

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The Doctor BW
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