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Minecraft Resource Discord / Request Builders, devs, graphic designers services and more

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created 10/09/2018 4:48 pm by DeathPlazX

Minecraft Resource Discord

Why you should join:

You should join the Minecraft resource discord because it is a discord where you can ask for services from developers, builders, graphic designers and server managers. We have a role system where when you join you can do the following command to gain a role such as ?developer or ?builder the roles allow you to let people easily @ you and ask for your services. We also have a marketplace section where you can sell plugins, servers, graphics, accounts and more.

We have spaces where players are able to showcase their projects for everyone to see.

We are accepting partners for the server if you want to request please message me at DeathPlaz#2485

Our collaboration chat:

We have a collaboration chat where you can ask to people if they want to collaborate on a project and state whether it is paid or not, in the collaboration chat you also are able to request people for your project.

What we are looking for:

We are looking for developers, builders, graphic designers, server owners, server managers and other people who can help the people of the discord with what they want their offer could be paid or not.


We will be hosting giveaways for things like accounts and plugins and more
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