Minecraft Survival Server (1.12.1), Looking for Staff!

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Hi! I work as a staff member on a little survival multiplayer server called ChargerCraft, and we'd love for you to join!

Our IP is charger.beastmc.com; enter it into the server address box to join! Just make sure you're running Minecraft 1.12.1!

On ChargerCraft, we're focused on creating a peaceful survival community, meaning no raiding or griefing. Feel free to build, explore, interact with players, and have fun! We also have the Factions plugin so you can claim and protect your beautiful builds.

Don't forget to be nice and respectful towards everyone! We do not tolerate stealing from others, hacking, inappropriate behavior, or bullying.

We are looking for more staff members, so if you're interested, please consider applying on the server website here:

We also have a wonderful Discord Server in which you can get in touch with our community: discord.gg/FkauFby

Hope to see you on ChargerCraft!
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