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Minecraft WorldCraft needs staff.

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created 04/30/2018 12:41 pm by HexaGamer
We will exist as the real world with incas, europeans and aboriginals. We will include magic like witchcraft, voodo and actual gods. The server will be everything you have dreamed of!

We are located in the medieval times of 1400-1500.
Currently it's im developtment with host gotten but server not up and ideas only brewing and we want yourhelp!

We need
you are easily able to reference and make buildings from ruins to make
gorgeous and new again! You hopefully can(not required) build in asian
and western styles not forgetting african styles. You'll contribute with
your beautiful buildings as much as anyone else.

when the actual server is up you'll maintain peace and help out newbies
who join our server. You'll know every secret and piece of knowledge
there is of our server to guide eveyrone and help them have an amazing

We of course need admins, head builders, historians(those who research to make our server more realistic) and much more!

Come and help us on our journey. If interested send me a pm in discord to NoodlePoodle#3732
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