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Minefest - Factions & OP (Skyblock & Prison Coming Soon!)

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created 02/13/2018 1:00 am by Minefest
Listen, before I just leave you with a copy and paste from our voting page with information about our page, I am going to be brutally real here. I've just noticed how hard it is to get a server going, to build a community, and it sucks considering you as an owner know of all the work you put into. So all I am asking is you get involved in the community, even if it's just a few of you, join our reddit, we can all play with one another, etc and help the server grow. Thank you!


Welcome to Minefest Here are some of our primary in-game features:

1. We offer an original and nostalgic gameplay as our server is a 1.8 based server, although, you are still able to join on later versions.
2. Our servers are always online and you will always be notified of maintenance.
3. We are always searching for ways to improve and we listen to your feedback.
4. Any issues/bugs, we will fix as soon as possible.
5. Minefest is virtually lag free and most players are guaranteed and strong, secure connection to our services.

Here at Minefest, we strive to offer a vast variety, nostalgic, original gameplay that newer and older players can enjoy. Our passion is to create a large, friendly community and to make a quality gaming experience. We hope to see you around on Minefest!

We're giving out free donor ranks btw, so if you see a staff member on let us know!
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