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Awesome DvZ Server, Need help with advertising!

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created 07/06/2013 10:13 pm by funkiben
last reply 07/06/2013 11:42 pm
Hello, I have a DvZ-like minigame server, runs 24/7, self-coded, and is pretty awesome in my opinion. It has many different fun gamemodes, and a ton of amazing items such as landmines, turrets, and magic staffs. I also have several unique monster classes you can play as such as evil chicken, wither skeleton, and hungry cow. Almost everyone who has come on has said it is a very cool server.

One problem:
Not enough players.

But this is not the normal case that most servers have with lack of players. Its just that (in theory) people dont come on when theres no one or as little as 5 players playing, because that games just aren't as fun with small amounts of people, so it has been very very very very very hard to start up. I commonly have to play for about one or two hours each day just to keep people on and get the server going for the day, but it dies out after about 5 hours because there are not enough players to take the places of the people who leave, so the result is a depressing decrease of players that quickens as the games become less interesting with the lack of people, until the server is empty.

I have gotten up to 33 players before, mostly because a lot of players were advertising on other servers. At around 20 people, (mostly new players) I noticed lots of my players who were not new began joining. I assume that this is because when they see lots of players, they think "Ooh there must be some good games going on now!" and then they join in.

I try getting more people to play, but its hard to get new players to come on right when the server is at the peak each day, when the games are the best, so it has been quite hard for me.

Otherwise, I think its a very fun server and so do the people who dont give up hope when theres little or no one playing on it.

Server post:

Any thoughts or suggestions?
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07/06/2013 11:42 pm
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