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♚MiningMan♔|🎬RolePlay & Faction Server👾|Looking for Builders🔍

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HunGorr started 08/14/2018 11:29 pm


Update :
Need Builders
Applicants who apply for builders will get a higher chance of being accepted.

Introduction :

[p]MiningMan is an up-coming Minecraft server. As you might have noticed, most minecraft servers nowadays have the same gamemode like skywars, bedwars.... OP Factions etc. Old players start leaving the Minecraft community and this is not what we want. Minecraft is a game which it has unlimited can create a game with Minecraft! Therefore our goal is to create a unique and enjoyable community for players.[/p]

Plot of the server :

Four worlds (parallel worlds) are being combined together by an unknown force . You are summoned to one of the worlds and you will have to find out the reason while you will have to fight for your world as the gods from different worlds want to take over the other worlds. The four worlds are Greek World , Norse World , Chinese World and Maya World.

You can build your own bases in a specific area and you can also raid the others in their areas.(The areas will be around the place where your race is)(It will be like invading different kingdoms concept)

When you join the server : The plot of the server the story will be shown to you and you will be choosing your myth/race.

There will be a GUI for almost every commands that players use. This makes players easier to play(I know it feels bad when you die because you do a typo or not have enough time to type the command)

More skills, more stories, more weapons and more types of unique gamemodes will be added as the server grows.

About the owner(something you might not or want to know):
At first MiningMan was a private server that I played with my friends and recorded for my YouTube series(I can send you the series if you want to watch it, but my voice might be a bit cringy xD). There were several seasons of it(Season 1 and 2 and two mockpack seasons), until Season 3 I decided to open it as a public server. That was the first time(two years ago before this I tried to make a public server but at that time I knew nothing about plugins and thought that I could use commands only to make a server, so this one didn't count) which I tried to make a public server. I completely failed it because lack of experience and my bad behaviour at that time. Later on, I started another server with a different name. This time I learnt a lot of things from the past and made it as a Bungeecord server. However again, lack of experience, following an attack by a hacker who ruined the whole server.(After that I gave up on making Bungeecord server as I knew I needed a more secured system or a firewall to block players from trying not connect through the lobby server). Half year ago, I made another server with the name MiningMan. This time the server almost succeeded with a playerbase and the growing of it. However, some of the staffs started getting busy in real life and the server did not update after it.
After that failure, I gave up the thought of making a server. At that time, I did not even have a goal or what to do for my life. Although later I got a goal of making games in the future, I did not have a specific plan of it. A few days after that, one of my friends started talking about Minecraft. He talked about how Minecraft's players have decreased. This was not what I wanted, I played this game as I grew up(I have played this game for around 5 years). Besides, my desire to make a game, my desire to step foward, my desire to give players a wonderful gaming experience, my desire to bring up the name - MiningMan. I learnt why I failed in my previous servers, I believed that failing doesn't matter, the most important thing is to learn why you fail. I planned to make this server, to make plans of it, to start the server, and very last, to make a game with Minecraft.

Perks for Applying?

You will join a nice and fun community and experience the growth of the server.
You can chill out in the server.
You can hear the owner singing with his terrible voice.
You can find out the gender of the owner which can horrify you.
You can find out the size of the owner's ......... head? Oh nevermind.
You can learn how to sing so badly like the owner sings.
You can also make new friends and have fun. Sounds Good? Fill in the application forms and see you in the server!

We are currently recruiting these positions:

Builders (5)
A builder is someone who is proficient at Voxel Sniper/World Edit and building different structures(mostly medieval). You will help create our spawn, and all sorts of buildings in specific places.

Graphic Designers (2)
A graphic designer is someone who is proficient with image editing tools such as photoshop. You will be asked to create graphics for the website of the server/trailer.

Developers (0)
A developer is someone who is proficient at Java/HTML Development. (For Plugin Developer) You will be asked to develop custom abilities of players, and all sorts of thing such as the GUI. (For Web Developers) You will be asked to create the server's website and the forum.

Moderators (0)
A moderator is someone who has some experience. They will be asked to moderate the in-game and discord chat. You might be asked to help with some of the small structures.

Helpers (0)
A helper is someone who is still learning , and is someone with no experience in moderation and is learning to be professional. You might be asked to help with some of the small structures(you can learn from the other staffs first)

No one can be admins at first as you will have to prove that you can be one.

Application Process:

1. An applicant fills out the application form. The applicant gets accepted or denied. If the applicant is accepted, he/she will be interviewed by our server staffs. If denied, they can apply again.

2. The staffs will give the final decision on what rank you will receive. At this stage, if a player is denied, they will have to fill in the application form again.

3. If you are accepted, congratulations! You are now one of the members of the community ! Enjoy your stay !

*We are not racists, there is not an age requirement.*
*If you are interested, please put your application form down the replying section or add my discord and send the application form to me , thank you.
*If you have questions, feel free to ask me in discord.*

Discord : HunGorr#0211

Application Template:

What is your name ?
What is your in-game username?
How old are you?
What time zone do you live in?
Are you multilingual? If so, in what languages?
Have you ever been kicked/muted/banned on a server, Why ?
At what level would you rate your maturity (10 being most mature)?
What past experience do you have at being a staff member?
What advice would you give to someone who had to deal with someone younger than them?
How many hours do you play a week on the server?
Why do you want to be a staff member on this server?
Why should we accept your application over others?
How many applications have you made before?
Any additional information?
* Stay to the FORMAT ! *

* Accepted applicants will be interviewed on Discord *
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Level 2 : Apprentice Miner

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