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MiniServer - Pure Survival with Chun-Li and Harley Quinn (and Herobrine!)

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Luces started 03/26/2020 2:55 pm history

Introducing a mini Minecraft Survival Server 1.15.2
Okay, I haven't named it properly, so MiniServer would be just fine.

The game is pure survival and we are a little family ! (Maximum player 15)

Including basic useful plugins that you can easily type commands such as /tpa [​player] /spawn /sethome /back
And no limitations for the Redstone and building stuff. Just don't get server lags~~~
You can join the game by the official Minecraft Launcher through the IP address below, requires 1.15.2


with the amazing bosses CHUN-LI and HARLEY QUINN (aka Joker's girl)
Harley Quinn

And other monsters like 'Megatron', 'Burier'... got amazing skills like disguise and bury you!!!
But you also have a good brother named Stevie, he will help you fight with all the bad creatures!

A scary spooky plugin that ...????? okay you can come and find out aha!

/tpa player
/tpahere player
/msg (/tell)

4.This is a mini server
I think this one might not fit everyone's demands, but for some player that desire a relaxed and personal space for gaming with high
quality players that have same intention as you do all over the world~ That would be nice!

So , If you'd like pure survival and experienced with some strength bosses and monsters(not too much), come and play!


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