Movecraft: DON'T FORGET.

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C_Corp2002 started 10/21/2019 7:39 pm

That plugin's name nowadays is a relative-rarity within the overall Minecraft-Multiplayer community.
Not a lot of servers are left that have this amazing (and *FOSS) plugin.
Just keep in mind, I'm not just here to talk about my public server in particular, but my server *is* one of the few servers that are actively running this fascinating plugin.

Anyways, back to the point: it is one thing to say you have customized/custom plugins, it is another thing to say that you have plugins customizable by players. The latter allows even greater freedom of expression than from the base game alone, and this is the beauty of Movecraft. In all honesty, Minecraft + Movecraft has really been one of the sole things keeping me, and possibly, many of you guys, in the Minecraft community.

It allows for much more freedom for players to build the vehicles/crafts of thier dreams, and actually allow them to move. I'll be honest, the vehicles don't move in the most elegant fashion. But Movecraft fits the game, and the style. This amazing plugin is built around cubes, creativity, freedom (of expression etc), and just generally customization; just like how the plugin's platform; Minecraft was envisioned.

Also, how about an old(er) trailer/promotional video from the original developers:

If anyone who owns a server, and would like to run this plugin, Please check the page, linked here, and read a bit.

And for a 1.13.2+ Fork/Version:

*FOSS "Free Open Source Software", similar to how (most) Linux Operating Systems are.

A definition of *Movecraft from the spigot page:
"Movecraft is a plugin that players to build crafts out of minecraft blocks. These crafts can then be piloted, moved around, and taken into battle with each other. Hence the name MoveCraft."

*Plugin(s) Not to be confused with Mods, Plugins typically don't add any entirely new blocks/items/code to the game and only run on the Spigot/Bukkit side of things.

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