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Mutinies is recruiting Builders!

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created 04/22/2019 8:06 am by yusuf malik
Mutinies Build Team is Recruiting

Hey everyone! I'm here today telling you about the Mutinies Network!

What is the Mutinies Network?
Mutinies is a minecraft network dedicated to providing amazing and fun paintball gameplay to the paintball community of minecraft. For the past weeks we've been running special events in order to build up hype to the grand opening in just a few weeks!

Why are we Recruiting?
With so little time left until the whitelist is turned off, the build team is hard at work creating the maps and spawns that are needed to sustain a server such as ours. Unfortunately, we have found ourselves overloaded with build requests to the point where we simply cannot fufill them all! We currently have a very small team of builders, but we are reaching out to you for recruitment.

Why would I want to Join the Mutinies Build Team?
We are a positive and fun team that takes our job seriously but don't mind having more than a bit of fun along the way. If you join our team we will help you to become a better builder and grow a portfolio of impressive minecraft builds! Sound good? Of course it does! We provide a fun and welcoming environment working for an up and coming server.

A bit of Criteria
Unfortunately, we have a bit of criteria that we need you to follow in order to assure that we get not only high-quality builders but also people!
- Minimum age of 14
- Be a pleasant person
- Have a working microphone
- Have a SMALL portfolio (You can of course have a large portfolio but we need something to ensure you aren't building dirt huts!)

Sounds Awesome! How do I get in Touch?
To get a link to an application just send me a discord message! YusufTheMalik#4998

Alright then, thanks for looking through this and I hope you apply because we would love to have you!
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yusuf malik
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