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created 12/17/2017 12:35 am by shamre99

Hello everyone

Today is the day that mystic mines is beginning to hire staff, this is quite early comparing to when we will be launching the server, although we believed it was crucial to begin this process early so we can talk to staff and get to know them and their abilities before we launch the beta. We are looking for nice, calm and innovative staff to ensure our server is as amazing as possible!

Now to get started, staff applications will all be done on our website:, please sign up, and go to the forums, under forums you should find staff applications please read the rules.

We would like to send a huge thanks to all who apply, this server will not be the same without a great staff team, that being said we will be strict about staff being online a lot! This is to help keep the server smooth after opening.

Also, everyone please join our discord whether you are applying or not, we want to see players start talking on the chat. Here is the link to our discord channel:

If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me personally or join the discord.

Personal discord: sHamre99#2570

Thank you
~ sHamre99
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