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NanoMC | 1.12.2 GriefPrevention (Looking for Staff!)

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created 05/08/2018 3:41 pm by NanoNukeMC

» NanoMC «

Friendly Survival | GriefPrevention | Free Ranks | KeepInventory | Jobs | Crates
MCMMO | Harder Mobs | MagicSpells | Creative
Quests(Coming soon!) | Minigames (Coming soon!)

What is NanoMC?

NanoMC is a friendly survival server is hardcore mobs, tons of custom plugins, GriefPrevention, McMMO, Jobs, Magic Spells, a Creative World to not stifle the imagination, and so much more.

We are growing by the day. The server was founded on the idea that the players are the most important aspect of the server, and it will stay that way. If someone wants something, they can suggest it. If it's popular, it will be added. It's that simple.

Why play on NanoMC?

No other server has such a devotion to constantly evolve.

People are amazing. The staff team was created specifically because they were people who were interested in making the server work, the server better, and better, and better. It's because of their time and devotion that we have a nice looking spawn, custom stuff upon custom stuff. And I personally believe, along with most of the people on our server Discord, if we had more players, the server would be a hit.

Server Info

Server IP: Go.NanoNuke.Net

Forums: http://NanoNuke.Net


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