Naruto Roleplay Adventures [RPG/SURVIVAL] [1.13.2]

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Thrashyyyyyyyyyyyyyy started 07/22/2020 1:52 am
Add us to your server lists, we will be open again in about 2-3 days! We added plenty of new things, check out our website and discord!

---= Naruto: Roleplay Adventures (RPA) =---
Here at Naruto Roleplay Adventures, we aim to provide a unique
feel and experience to our players through intricacies in our server
systems. Unlike other predominantly PvP or RP based servers, Naruto World Adventures will be very RPG-centric.
Our server will try to be as realistic and faithful to the original
Naruto anime as possible without strictly following the timeline seen in
the show. For instance, the Chuunin Exams, a tournament where Genin
participate in organized duels against other Genin for a chance at being
promoted to a Chuunin, occurred once a year in the series and in turn
will happen once or twice every month on our server. The aforementioned
lack of strictness regarding the timeline in the series means a
character can also attain ranks that would suit their lore despite not
having them in the actual series.

(i.e. Kakashi can be the ANBU-L but cannot, under any circumstances, be an Akatsuki member)

hope to create a never-before-seen level of immersion on our server
through this unique concept of an RPG-centric archetype. Players will be
able to create their own personalized character and advance every
individual aspect of their kit or aim to achieve a rank or character
seen in the show such as Naruto or a Tailed Beast Jinchuuriki. Players
will build relationships with their fellow village members or wander
around the Shinobi World. Custom Organizations whether it may be Allied
or Rogue are possibilities.

Here at Naruto Roleplay Adventures, it's YOUR experience, YOUR way.

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