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[NEED BUILDERS] [NEED STAFF] (TDC) The Dwarven Community Server!!!

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created 01/18/2019 2:16 pm by Diggydiggyholedwarf
Hi! My name is Diggy the proud owner of The Dwarven Comunity or TDC. I am seeking some great builders and some staff to come alongside me and my current team to help us to grow in a spectacular way. Please join the server and go to the creative mode and build something to prove yourself as a builder for our team. Current we have 2 however one of them own there own server and can't help as much as they wish that they could. The other is our Head-Admin and is having health issues atm so I need some builders in the meantime! You can help temporarily or permanently it's up to you!

If I'm not on when your building or something please send me a picture of it on discord or request Impulsiv our developer to look at it. Thank you for considering to apply at The Dwarven Community welcome home! :-) <3

~ TDC Management Team
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