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NEED Builders (to build), Mods (to moderate the server), Admins(to configure files and find new and better plugins) pandacraft!

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created 02/09/2020 11:16 pm by PLAYPandaCraftMC
HELLO, Planet Minecraft community We are Making a new server called PandaCraft we need builders, mods and admins to help us with this server.

MOD- 14+
- should know the rules and what they should do if someone does something wrong.
- should be on the server for 3+ hrs daily on the server to moderate.
- And should also have a good understanding of the server.
- Sign Up Here!

- should also have a good understanding of the theme of the server.
- very good building skills.
- should be on the server for 4+hrs to build daily - new maps, different versions of our hub and more.
-Sign Up Here! " rel="nofollow" target="_blank">

ADMIN- 16+
- Should know how to configure files.
- Should always tell us plugins that will make the server better and cooler / search up different plugins and should research about them.
- should be on the server for 3+ hrs to test if the plugins work and the rest of the time they should find new and better plugins.
- Sign Uup Here!

BY OWNER: Panda4121 / MEW#1927
Other OWNER-Butterzcraft56 / butterzcraft56#9774

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