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Need Builders, Writers, Staff, and Testers FACTIONS/PVP/RP/Q

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created 10/09/2016 8:20 pm by Ugikie
last reply 10/09/2016 9:07 pm
Hey everyone! We are in the final development stages of creating our new server Exodus Realms, and are looking for a few people to help us prepare for launch in the next month or so.

Exodus Realms - Ashara Village

About The Server
Exodus Realms is a large project We have been working on this server for a long time now, over 2 years! It combines some of our favorite elements from the servers we have played on over the years. It is an open world Faction based server complete with an Economy, Multiple Large Towns, Dungeons, and much much more. We have years of experience in Minecraft as well as many different MMORPGs and believe we have found a nice mix of what will make our server enjoyable for everyone.
We also offer PvP (Open world and large arena style), NPC Shops and Quest Givers with in depth Denizen scripting, and a friendly environment to start a faction/guild and play with your friends.

Staff Positions Available
Builders (3) - We need a couple of dedicated builders to help us complete our vision. These people would be responsible for creating and working on the dungeons and designing future player towns. There is free creative range here. You are not limited to what we ask you to build. If you have something in mind, let use know. We are open to new ideas.

Writers(3) - This job requires 2 positions, that would work closely with each other.
- Lore: This position will be in charge of story writing for the server. History and Lore, Custom Item Descriptions as well as concepts for future builds.
- Quests: In charge of using the custom Quest plugin to script NPCs and write new quest chains (All done with in-game GUI).

Mods/Beta Tester (2 - 3) - This is a general mod position to be filled when needed as we get closer to release. This person would be responsible for testing plugins, trial runs of quests and dungeons, and reporting bugs or issues to Admins. Upon server release this person will be provided with a special VIP/Mod position to help moderate chat, handle player issues and assist other staff as needed.

*All Positions will receive Mod (or Higher) Position upon server release*

1. Age 15 or older. This is simply a maturity thing. We are looking for people that can take on a task and complete it in a timely fashion, and conduct themselves in a semi-professional way.

2. (RECOMMENDED) Discord for Communication with a working Mic/Headset.

3. Availability to help out a couple of hours on evenings/nights during the week. (Weekends too. Times to be determined). We are happy to work with your schedule. This is just a general guideline.

To Apply - Please message me here directly, comment on the post, or contact me on Discord at Ugikie#3772 and let me know which position you are interested and we will discuss
Also remember to post a reply on this topic to keep the post going. Thanks!
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10/09/2016 9:07 pm
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Hello I'm applying for the job of admin, mod, or builder.

Im 16, I do not know what discord is but i have a Skype account. I play minecraft about 6 hours out of the day, every day but on week days i am not available until around 4-5 o'clock. but on weekends i play almost all day.

i hope you get this and i get a position thank

~ agent_1_superior

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