Need Good Staff For New Server!

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created 07/12/2019 3:54 am by RealCCGames
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Hello Everyone!

Me and my friend are making plans of starting a english minecraft gamemode server!

But ofcourse we will need help to do this

We are mostly right now looking for helpers and dont worry you will be able to rank up to mod and so on if you do a good job on the server.
We are just getting started on the plans but we want to let you know that there are staff needed.

Builders and probably more than 5 helpers and acouple of mods.

You must be atleast 15 years old to hold any of these ranks as we want mature people to help out our server.
You must be a dedicated player and help out when needed and give a lot of the free time you have to the server.
You must have a discord account (That is free)
We hope you will take our server seriously because we do take it seriously

Disclaimer: Sorry if i spelled anything wrong. I am a fast typer

If you are interested in becomeing a part of this server please hit me up on discord right here Lil Chril#2991 with this format answered
Helper, Builder, and Mod Application. Send to me over discord Lil Chril#2991

  1. What is your name (First)?
  2. What is your in-game username?
  3. How old are you?
  4. What time zone do you live in?
  5. Are you multilingual? If so, in what languages?
  6. Have you ever been banned on a server?
  7. At what level would you rate your maturity (10 being most mature)?
  8. How many hours can you spend on this server?
  9. What past experience do you have at being a staff member?
  10. What is your best moment helping someone?
  11. Are you able to record?
  12. Why do you want to be a staff member on this server?
  13. Why should we accept your application over others?
  14. How many applications have you made before?
  15. Any additional information?
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2 replies

07/12/2019 8:16 am
Level 2 : Apprentice Explorer
I have added you on Discord.
07/12/2019 8:51 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Appreciate it a lot!

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