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Need Co-Owner and Mods || SG Server || 5Gb Ram

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created 08/01/2015 5:28 pm by FallenLife
last reply 08/01/2015 7:51 pm
We need staff (Co-Owner and Mods) on our server.

Co-Owner has to beable to help pay for the server monthly, to keep it up.

Apply here:

Ip --
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Level 3 : Apprentice Miner

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1 reply

08/01/2015 7:51 pm
Level 3 : Apprentice Miner
Hi My name is BHTGUYS and I previously owned a server called BlockHit with at least 30 people online a day until it got griefed and destroyed and had to shut it down. Thats why I come to you so I dont let this happen to you or your server an -BHT

Co-Owner or Head-Admin
Timezone: umm....Australian Time???
How do you think you could benefit The Ayku Network?: I can bot just benifit the betwork but I could make it a heck of a lot better than you think I can by making sure no-one at all manages to grief or destroy the server, but they can have fun but not go to ahead of themselves by doing stupid things. For e.g asking for op or just raging.

Why Should we choose you over someone else?:Because I am not one of those people that just want power over the server and for just the fun teasing people because of it. I want to help the server as much as I can. I really do. I am also doing this for a reason like I said in the first couple of lines. And much much more but I dont want to rant on with this. But dont get me wrong you have to have fun on a server and thats what I like to do sometimes.

Past Experience: I just owned a bit of a popular server. I have been Admin in lots of servers (and they were successful somehow because of me somehow) apparently I was succesfull because of my past experience with servers and being extremely mature Thats what I thought I was successful But I dont know theyre reason because i never asked.

Extra: Thankyou If you accepted it and taling your own personal time to do that. And hopefully I can see you soon wirh helping your server out. Im sorry I made it longer I just had to make my point there.

(I am the person you should trust the most and I am also like a Dev so I am extremely helpful)

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