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Need public opinion!!

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created 06/20/2018 3:15 am by Captain_Redbear
last reply 06/21/2018 4:29 am
Hello everyone,

I have an idea for a server which I wish to pursue, although a server is nothing without a good idea and help from the community.

The idea was to have an ever-growing metropolis, where the greater the player base gets, the more the city expands! Of course the idea is to start small, like a town, and for it to gradually get bigger, just like city growth in real life.

It would be on the basis of real life, so a lot of cool activities, where your goal can range from making the most money. owning the biggest and nicest house, or to be an expert in a specific craft/job.

This is only an idea at this stage, and no matter who you are, I would love your opinion and if this is worth trying to bring up, and if you would play on a server like this? There is a poll below that I would love every single person to answer!


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06/21/2018 4:29 am
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My friend was actually looking for a server like this but none seem to exist. This idea seems pretty cool!




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